The Health & Safety of everyone is of paramount importance to us and if we are unsure that everyone meets the criteria below, we will not be able to carry out that viewing with public safety in mind.

The team at Chateaux Estate Agency have been following updates as closely as possible and sticking to the guidelines set out by the States of Guernsey and following on from the States briefing stating that estate agents and other professions to assist in the sale of properties are allowed to re-open and conduct business under strict protocols which are explained below;

What we as a business will be doing outside of our premises -

Carrying out necessary jobs to enable the listing & viewing of properties under strict conditions limiting contact with householders and only with the householder’s agreement.

The following points have to be met before any viewings are to take place and should be conducted as follows:

  • By either no more than one person or two members of the same household
    (in the interest of safety advise against a child being the second person).
  • The property has been fully vacant for seven days prior to any visits.
  • Where the property is currently inhabited to please leave the property well- ventilated with all internal doors open to minimize the need to touch door handles etc
  • No one living in the household is symptomatic or has had symptoms in the last 48 hours, under a compulsory isolation order or awaiting results of testing for Covid-19.
  • No member of the household is considered medically vulnerable
  • No member of the household is present in the house during any necessary visit.

Estate agents are encouraged to use video facilities in order to reduce the need for in- person visits where possible and we request that for the time being no drop ins to our office so you can contact us via phone on 244544 or email please.

Anyone wanting to view a property will have to fill out and complete our property viewing request form which can be requested via

Both vendors, tenants & persons wishing to view a property will be required to acknowledge they have read and understood the above and filled out our property viewing request form 24hrs prior to an appointment by emailing